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The following is taken from a booklet entitled 'Guide to Campton' published in 1981 by the Parish Council, and given to new residents. It is a brief summary from a longer and more complete history of the Village entitled 'Campton. A Study of a Bedfordshire Village' by D.J.Cadman.

The Manor House


  In 1560 Queen Elizabeth granted the manor to Joan Ventris. The Ventris family built the manor house in 1591 partially on the foundations of an older building. Although added to and much altered, the manor house can be seen and admired to this day.

In 1645, Sir Charles Ventris and his family were living in the house. Sir Charles was a Knight Banneret (for he had been knighted on the field of battle for bravery during the Civil War between King Charles' armies and the Roundheads). Knowing the occupant of the Manor House to be an ardent Royalist, a small armed band of Roundheads came by night to Campton, crept up to the house, peeped through the leaded windows and saw Sir Charles in the main downstairs room. One of the band drew his firearm and fired. Fortunately his aim was poor and he missed and the shot was embedded in the oak panelling. The damaged panel, now covered with glass, is still to be seen.

In 1778 the manor - house and land was sold to Sir George Osbourn Bart whose family had been in possession of the Chicksands manor since 1578.

In 1797 the house became a private school, hence the bell tower. Later in the 19th century it became the dower house of the Osbourn family.

Mr. Gerald King bought the house from the Osbourns in 1967 less the land on either side of it. This land now occupied by Grange Gardens and Elm Close.

In recent years the Manor has been owned by a number of private Mr & Mrs Fletcher

The current owner of the Manor purcahsed it in 2014 and has undertaken extensive refurbishment and landscaping both inside and out, which is still on going (due to be completed by the end of 2015).

Details of Campton and Shefford Manor can be found on the County Archive Website
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The history of the Manor can be found in an article by 'British History on Line'

Details of listed building status


The Manor c1910 Rear aspect of the Manor (sketched 1912) The Manor 1942
These photographs appeared in advertising literature when the Manor was for sale in 1981.  Over the last few years the current owners of the Manor have undertaken major refurbishment works to the interior and exterior of the building and have restored and exposed many original features.

Photographs © Knight Frank & Rutley.  Courtesy Don Pull


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