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I am an Australian tracing my family history.  I am trying to link my line to Paternosters said to have lived in Campton Village in the 1600's, namely a Rumbold, or Rumbald, or Lumbard or Lombard Paternoster who had two sons, Richard and John. I have been told my line descends from John. My line working backwards from me goes, me, Irene Holmes nee Foster. Florence Foster nee Freak. Susannah Freak nee Paternoster. B. Waltham Abbey, 1851, John Paternoster b. In ST Lukes Parish, Middlesex England in 1821' son of George Paternoster, coal porter, known to live at Bartholomew Place, Hackney, England at the time of Johns wedding in 1841.  beyond that I have nothing.  I know that John had a sister called Mary who married David Gladding.  So I have a huge gap between George and John son of Lumbard or Lombard etc.
I know that someone somewhere has a family tree showing from John and Richard down. Can you help me at all? I have also been told that French Huguenot brothers, silk weavers, Gene and Vincent fled from La Rochelle to Bedfordshire in 1600,s but do not think they are my line. I would be grateful for any advice from you.. Sincerely, Marilyn Synnes

29th September 2007
Can anybody help with my family tree research
My great grandmother was Mabel Annie Lincoln (known as Annie) born in
Campton 1888 to John Lincoln & Jannet Lincoln (nee Heathfield)
Johns' parents were Richard & Catherine Lincoln and Jannets' mother
was Ann Heathfield.
Both the families seem to have a history with Campton or its'
surrounding villages would truly appreciate any further information
anybody has or how the 'The Green' and the Lincolns were connected.

30th July 2007
would like any information about the lincoln family who according to records lived on The Green in Campton as far back as 1700s - especially on Annie Mabel who went on to
marry a George Bodsworth and the family owned greengrocer shops and stalls in Luton Market.

10th May 2007
<>I am trying to trace ancestors of my Great Grandmother, born Lucy Caroline Gregory. She was the daugheter of George Gregory & Louisa Crouch.  <>Lucy married my Great Grandfather, George Odell (later changed to O'Dell) who was born in Shefford. They married at Biggleswade in 1881 and moved to Frosterley prior to 1892, where my grandfather Freddie Odell was born.  <>I would be interested to hear from anyone who can give me any further information on Lucy Gregory. 
Margaret Coffey (O'Dell)
August 2006
Hallo Campton
I am trying to trace my family Their surname was Thompson. Can you help? Thankyou.
Regards Sybil Dobson
The information I have so far is: - William (Alfred?) Thompson was born c 1859. His mother was named Sarah born
c1831. She was a corn plaiter. William had siblings, Mary Ann Elizabeth born c 1856, Thomas born c 1858, and Charles born c 1861. They were all born in Campton. They are all on the 1861 census of Campton. There were other
siblings born after this date - Martha Jane born 03.10.67 who married an Edwin White. - Albert Edward born c.1870 and George Henry born. c 1871.Their father was also William (Alfred ?) Thompson born c.1828 in Ampthill.
He was an Agricultural Labourer. William born c1859 went on to marry a Clara Norris born in Towcester, and then went on to live in Bedford. William and Clara are my maternal grandparents

September 2006
I have now found out that William Thompson's mother was Sarah BLUNDELL, born Campton. There may be errors in the dates quoted. Thankyou.
Sybil Dobson
Dec 2005
I am researching my family history, and visited this site because so many of my ancestors came from this area, Campton, Clophill and Haynes.
Many lived in Mill Lane and I am intrigued by the historical photo of a Mill Lane cottage, could they be a Heathfield family in the photo?
Does anyone have further info on this photo?
Howard Heathfield (

The owner of the original photo (Maud Inskip) informs me that the people in this photo are her mother and father, Fred & Rose Inskip.  They moved from this house C1934.  Ed.

May 05
I'm researching my family tree, trying to trace relatives of my Grandma - Rose Devereux born in Campton 22.8.1889, mother Martha formerly Newman, father William Devereux. Martha had a sister Nellie and 2 other sisters?, Ada born 1885ish and Annie born 1891ish. Martha might have had brothers Alfred and Arthur and a sister Emma born about 1870, they lived in Mill Lane, Campton. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Julie Leonard

The following entry in Kelly's Directory 1885 may be helpful to genealogists
(by courtesy of Margaret Banfield)

Memorial Stones at the entrance to the Recreation Grounds listing those who died in the Wars 1914 -1919 & 1939 - 1945

Memorial stones after restoration 2007

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