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Campton’s new church bells arrive on Friday March 9, 2007!

The tower of All Saints Church has been busy in the last few weeks, preparing for the arrival of our new bells and bell frame. New louvres have been installed and pigeon grilles are being fitted which should finally solve our longstanding pigeon problems!

The new bells will arrive mid-morning on Friday, March 9. They will be on display in the church for about 10 days and there will be opportunities to view them on Saturday, March 10, between 10am and 4pm, and also on Sunday, March 11, between 2pm and 5pm.
On Mothering Sunday, March 18, the bells will be blessed by Dean at the 11.15am service.

Installation of the bells and frame will take place during March in two phases and the work should be complete towards the end of March. We expect to be ringing the new bells in early April.

The bells will be dedicated by The Right Reverend Richard Inwood, Bishop of Bedford, at a special service at All Saints on Sunday, July 1, at 5pm.
If you would like to know more about the new bells please call John Loveless or Linda Garton on 819074.


The eight new bells

One of the three original bells with new fitting
The following photograph curtesy of Don Pull

'This one looks lightest'
'I could have done it on my own'


Witnessed by a packed church of over 200, the new bells were dedicated on Sunday, July 1, by The Bishop of Bedford during a memorable Evensong service.

Ringers attended from as far afield as Devon, Hampshire, York and Norwich. Chris Kippin, currently Master of the Ancient Society of College Youths, a prominent London-based ringing society, and a talented organist, gave an Organ Recital before the service. Earlier in the day a number of gardens in the village were open and we were superbly entertained by Bedford Morris Men and Shefford Town Band, with diversionary Face Painting and Bouncy Castle, activities thankfully confined to the young, but with some of the young at heart itching to join in of course!  

A big thank you to all who have contributed to the Appeal. Your generosity made so much difference to our progress as we set about raising the £90,000 required. The bells were dedicated exactly three and a half years after the launch event, 'The BIG Ring' on January 1 2004. We now have a superb light ring eight. Enjoy them!

Campton, Beds
All Saints

Nominal  Note Diameter Cast Founder
2cwt-2qr-17lb 1977.0 B 21.50" 2006 Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
2 2cwt-3qr-1lb 1870.5 A#
22.00" 2006
Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
3 3cwt-0qr-7lb 1663.0 G# 23.00" 2006
Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
3cwt-0qr-4lb 1482.0 F# 24.00" 2006 Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
5 3cwt-1qr-10lb 1320.0 E 25.50" 2006 Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
6 3cwt-3qr-3lb 1248.0
D# 26.50" 2006 Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
5cwt-0qr-17lb 1109.5 C# 29.50" 2006
Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
8 6cwt-2qr-10lb 987.5 B 32.50" 2006 Taylors, Eayre & Smith Ltd
Pre-2006 ring c1 4cwt-2qr-10lb 1178.0 *D# 29.25" c1520† William Culverden
Pre-2006 ring c2 6cwt-3qr-22lb
1080.0 C#
32.50" c1520† William Culverden
Pre-2006 ring c3 7cwt-2qr-12lb 960.0 B 34.94" 1603 Hugh I Watts

The new bells were cast by Taylors , Eayre and Smith, of Loughborough. The construction of the new cast-iron bell frame, fittings for the new bells and all associated engineering was carried out by Whites’ of Appleton, Church Bell Hangers, Appleton, Oxon. The total cost of the project was around £90,000.


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